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Domesticated turkey wanders to a porch in Burlington

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A Burlington man found himself with an unusual house guest over the past few days. A domesticated farm animal found its way to the city.

When Jerry Marmelstein came home Tuesday afternoon he had an unexpected surprise waiting for him.

"I came in the front door and heard a gobble," said Marmelstein.

A domesticated turkey, confirmed by experts to be a heritage breed, made its way onto Marmelstein's deck in Burlington's New North End.

"I just started worrying about whose bird is this and it certainly doesn't belong here," said Marmelstein.

He reached out to area police departments and Fish and Wildlife, but no reports of missing turkeys.

In the meantime, Marmelstein says the large bird has seemed to have acclimated to his new surroundings quite well enjoying some nice meals out of the bird feeder.

Others in the condo complex even referred to the bird as a celebrity as it has been spending its days wandering from door to door just to say hello, but the turkey always finds his way back to Marmelstein's.

"You can see that its wings have been clipped so it can't fly very far. It has over-nighted for the past couple of nights on the fence," said Marmelstein.

Marmelstein then began investigating how his new gobbling companion ended up on his property, a feat that surprised even the experts.

"To be honest I thought my colleagues were setting me up for an April Fools' trick a little bit early," said UVM Livestock Specialist Joe Emenheiser.

But once Emenheiser discovered the turkey, the tale was true this bird seems to be doing just fine.

"He appears to be in pretty good body condition and he's probably acclimated to the cold," said Emenheiser.

And this turkey definitely has some good taste. It's a beautiful location with the lake and nature, but it's certainly time for this turkey to get back to its rightful owner.

"I just hope that even if it's just someone whose got a pet turkey that's now missing that they will get a hold of the station, find out where it is and come get it," said Marmelstein.

For now this feathered friend remains in good health and in good spirits.

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