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Perennial flower border

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This is a gorgeous perennial flower border in full sun. There are lots of different kinds of perennial flowers in here. It's a great example of how to grow perennial flower borders if you have a big land area you want to cover.

You can see the backdrop of the ornamental grasses and the Elecampane. You should have tall plants in the back, coming down to these lower plants up front. The alliums and the coreopsis are good shorter plants so you have a nice wave of height as you go from front to back.

The colors are mixed together nicely, too. Here is some baby's breath mixed in with some nice thread-leafed coreopsis. It highlights the yellow and the white colors so they bounce off each other and you really see both of them even stronger.

And another nice example is how they grouped similar plants all together. For example, there are daisies and some yarrows all grouped together. You have the "Privy" plant, which is a tall rudbeckia and a black-eyed Susan relative, that used to be grown next to privies or outhouses to hide them from view. And then you have short little plants like this fleece flower. Isn't that a cute little flower? It's a gorgeous little flower.

You can see that with each one of these, it's not just one or two plants, but a mass of plants. So when they're flowering it's much more dramatic. They stand out more in the landscape. When you look at them from a distance you see the groups with the heights and the leaf textures, and all of the different colors.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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