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Super Senior: Carolyn 'Cal' King

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Carolyn King or "Cal" grew up in Massachusetts but has lived all over the place. The one constant--baking tasty treats for her family, friends and customers. She's this week's Super Senior.

At first glance Cal looks like any other grandmother baking for her family, but she's a master who's made thousands of desserts. In fact, Cal had a cake business in Essex for many years.

Reporter Joe Carroll: What do you like about baking?

Cal: Making people happy.

Cal learned to bake when she wasn't much older than her great grandchildren, Jack and Ben.

"I started baking and sending them over to my brother during the Second World War," said Cal.

Fast forward 70 years and Cal isn't just baking, but has a full plate of activities.

Like every museum, the Vermont Military Museum is a place where interesting things are collected. It's not just relics of the past, but painting and photos of people who have served their country with honor.

Cal is not only a baker but a veteran.

"It was a fascinating time because Cold War and everything," said Cal.

She joined the Air Force in the early 50s and was stationed at Steward Air Force Base in New York. She plotted maps from radar. Keeping an eye on friends and foes. The Soviets were always testing the preparedness of the American Air Force with their bombers. Some women had a hard time adjusting to the military; it was still a man's domain.

Cal: My mother taught me to stand up to people.

At the base Cal met Hal. She was on Kitchen Patrol and he kept coming back for seconds just to meet the pretty young airman.

"Love him immediately. I went back to my barracks and I said to my roommate, I just met the guy I'm going to marry," said Cal.

They did, Cal soon got pregnant.

"At the time if you had a child you had to get out, which I thought was terrible," said Cal.

Her career in the Air Force was short lived, but not her husband's. The couple went on to have more children and live all over the country and Europe. Hal retired in 1973; he passed away six years ago.

"I had the greatest husband in the world," said Cal.

But the 82-year-old keeps busy, from teaching cake classes, to daily water aerobics. Perhaps her most rewarding activity is organizing the library at the museum.

"We have everything from before the Revolutionary War," said Cal.

They have 3,000 books dealing with wars and conflicts all over the world. When she's done with this, she has another project.

"Nobody paid too much attention about getting the women's display updated," said Cal.

There is only a small section dedicated to women in the military.

"This is the extent of our display," said Cal.

She says with more women joining all of the armed forces and some seeing combat, the exhibit will get larger.

In the kitchen, Cal can be a tough cookie, but also as sweet as the cakes she makes.

"Is that pretty neat how that works," said Cal.

Following in their parents footsteps, three of Cal's four children have served in the Air Force or Air Force Guard.

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