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Williston congregation member puckers up for a pig

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A unique fundraiser in Williston Sunday was all smiles, laughs -- and smooches.

It was a sunny spring day at the Agricola Farm in Williston -- with some extra visitors. Karen Allen and members of the Williston Federated Church stopped by the farm for a one-of-a-kind fundraiser. "I'm the Sunday school coordinator at the Williston Federated Church," Allen said. "And in the leadership guide for the Heifer project, it gives you different suggestions on how to fund raise. And one of the things it says is 'kiss a pig,' so I said hey, I can do that!"
Allen said at first it was just an idea, but members of the church jumped onboard and donated hundreds to see her smooch a swine.

"It was Karen Allen's idea about eight weeks ago for this spring promotion to encourage the congregation to really be generous. She would kiss a pig if $400 was raised. And we turned out with I think close to $700 today," said Williston Federated Church Pastor Joan O'Gorman.

All money raised goes to Heifer International, a non-profit that links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture to areas with a long history of poverty. Church officials say its a program they have been donated to for more than 40 years.

The star of Sunday's show -- a massive 350 pound pig. "That's Spot. Spot has been with us for 2 and-a-half years and she is a beautiful sow -- she is very friendly," said Agricola Farm's Ale Rellini.

And after weeks of anticipation , it all came down to Sunday's big kiss. While it made some onlookers squeamish. "It was kind of like a horror movie. I can't believe she was actually going to kiss a pig. She was actually going to kiss a pig!  It was just like, wow, my mom's doing this!" said Allen's son, Derek.

Others wanted their own shot.  "I just love pigs, and seeing people kiss the pig made me want to give the pig a hug," said 8-year-old Ava Bouchard.     
Allen says she didn't know what to expect trying to lay a peck on a pig that big. "I was going to try and kiss her between the ears, but she was busy eating, so I just had to go for the back of the neck," she said.

But she says it was well worth it for such a good cause. Her only concern now -- what the audience does with the evidence. "And this goes for my mom -- I want to put it on YouTube," Derek Allen said.

As for Spot the pig -- her owners say this wasn't her first kiss. They say she is quite the smoocher and loves the attention.

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