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Pond gardens

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There are frogs in this pond! As there should be with most water features, like this beautiful pond here at the Berkshire Botanical Garden. For a pond, water feature or even just a wetland area, you have to know what kind of plants will fit where around it.

So, right in the middle of the pond itself, you can see there are a lot of water-loving plants like the pickerel weed, arrowhead and cat tails. They can be submerged in water and they do fine.

If you come up a little bit closer into the marshier spot right on the edge, then you get plants like Joe Pie weed, yellow rocket and cardinal flower. They bloom really well in wet, but not totally saturated, soil near the water.

The cardinal flower is a beautiful fall bloomer, and it's a nice one to have right in with a lot of green foliage because it's so bright, it just stands out.

And you can landscape with a lot of plants around the pond, everything from hostas to rudbeckias and black-eyed Susans to asters. You will landscape around and in the pond so that you have a graduation from the water plants to the marginal plants to the plants that are up on the dry land. It also depends on whether you are in shade or in sun.

And the plants really highlight the water features in the pond, too. If you have any natural features like rocks, for example, leave them in pond and really use them as a focal point for your water garden or your wetland area.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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