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New screening program saves time for airport travelers

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Changes are coming to airport security at Burlington International Airport that may let you skip the lines.

It's called Pre-Check Screening, and it allows passengers to zip through security in five minutes.

It's a nationwide program, and enrollment centers have opened in Colchester and Berlin.

To apply, travelers must pay $85 for a background check and fingerprinting.

If approved, passengers can then go to the front of security lines and can keep their shoes, jackets and belts on, and leave liquids and laptops in carry-ons.

"The point is to allow us to focus on where the risk is greatest," says Burlington International Airport Security Director Bruce McDonald. "And these people who are willing to go through a background check and take a fingerprint -- we know they don't present a risk to aviation, so we can focus our efforts on where there might actually be a threat and allow those passengers who don't present any threat, to zip on through the front of security."

The passes are good for five years and valid for Canadian passengers as well. The airport hopes to see almost half of its frequent travelers use the program.

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