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Amphibians on the move in Vermont

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People across the state are helping out their amphibian friends on the move. Biologists say this annual salamander crawl happens on the first warm, rainy nights of spring like Tuesday night. Over half a dozen of different critters from frogs to spotted salamanders travel to breeding grounds. But often, experts say, that means crossing busy roads which can be deadly for a large number of amphibians. But groups on Pond Road in Shelburne are giving a helping hand to get the salamanders safely across the road.
"I just want to encourage people to remember these critters are on the road, they need the road, and they actually seek the road out on these spring days because the road is actually warmer than the grass lines and water. So just take care and drive carefully and help them across if you can," says biologist Susan Moegenburg.
Although it was a slower night in Shelburne, biologists expect this week to be busy with salamander migrations in large numbers across the state.

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