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Packable lunches with healthy, local ingredients

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WINDSOR, Vt. - Packing your kids lunch everyday can be exhausting, but one mom has come up with a solution so you don't have to be stuck filling baggies every day.

The Doherty home is always filled with kids. With four kids under 12 and friends always over, lunch time can get a little hectic. That's why mother, Julianna Doherty, came up with a solution -- Lunch Bundles.

They're prepackaged all natural meals that are nutritionally balanced.
"It really stemmed out of being the busy mom," said Doherty.
She says they're perfect for on the go families.
She has a grocery distribution background and started the company a year ago. It makes four varieties of Lunch Bundles at this Windsor facility and employs 16 part-time workers.

"This is our clean room -- this is where all our bundles are made. Right now we're making power food which is a gluten-free skew,"
said Doherty.
Powerfood is becoming a favorite for adults with things like made in Vermont gluten-free crackers, trail mix, apples and chick peas.

The Decker is packed with turkey, Vermont Farmstead cheddar and crackers.
The Bagelator works for breakfast or lunch and contains bagel chips that can be dipped in Vermont-made low-fat cream cheese. And a fan favorite, the gluten-free Pizza Dipper with locally made Castleton crackers.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Are you finding a lot of moms and adults and parents are eating them too?

Julianna Doherty: We get lots of emails saying, I went looking for them for my kids, but I also grab them for myself.

All are portion controlled and come with fruit, veggies and a sweet treat. Doherty worked with a local nutritionist to figure out the best combos to keep
kids happy and fueled. "She looked at how much fiber, fat, sodium and we said we need to create a meal that would give kids, parents anyone energy for the afternoon," said Doherty.

It's no secret that Lunch Bundles are going up against a giant -- Lunchables. The bundles cost between $3.99 and $4.49. Doherty says that's the price you pay for real ingredients.

Reporter Gina Bullard: What makes these different from Lunchables?

Julianna Doherty:  The ingredients... ...As important as what is in them is what's not in them..

Already Lunch Bundles are satisfying bellies in Northern California and the Northeast. Doherty sends out a couple of thousand cases a week. From health food stores to the average supermarket, she wants them to be a main stream staple because she says that's where mom's shop. Lunch Bundles most recently landed in every Hannaford supermarket.

"I want my
kids to read a label and know its food and that’s what these are, real food," said Doherty. "It's what you would pack yourself if you were filling little bags."

A packable lunch that's Made in Vermont.

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