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Greensboro students' Caspian Lake adventure

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GREENSBORO, Vt. - Students at Lakeview Union School made their way to Caspian Lake Monday for a hands-on educational program.

One by one students waited patiently in line for a chance to lend nature a helping hand. "It was fun and the fish were cool cause they were jumping around," said fifth-grader Hannah Mercier.

Each student grabbed a bucket and made their way to the water's edge to release a fish into Caspian Lake. "When I touched them they were very slimy -- very slimy -- and they don't like to go out of the buckets until they look around," said third-grader Chloe Laflam.

It's part of a school-wide effort to educate
kids about their community and how they can have a positive impact on the environment. "Kids learn math, reading, Science -- all the academic subjects -- by studying in great depth the place where they live, which includes the town of Greensboro, Greensboro bend and Lake Caspian," said Lakeview Union School Principal.Eric Erwin.

Students released 200, two-year-old rainbow trout into the water before learning about other creatures in the lake. "We talk about fish and wildlife laws and regulations that we're all expected to follow to ensure that we have fish and wildlife resources for the future," said
Vt. State Game Warden Russell Shopland.

"I think letting fish in your water is important because I just really like the fish and if there's no more fish, it's just not really fun," said Laflam.

After the students spend time by the water they also get to go on a nature walk and do some art by the shore. It's all part of an education program that will be going on for the next couple of weeks to educate the
kids about their environment."We're gonna have a naturalist come and join us in May and spend some more time here to go in greater depth. We'll be doing units at the school around the lake," said Erwin.

"We're hopeful that this type of field trip, this type of experience, will help the
kids have a personal connection to the resource as they grow," said Shopland.

And for these growing environmentalists in the making -- they've already learned a lot. "I think it's
gonna be fun for when people take their families up here to go fishing. They'll try to get something because we help put fish in the lake," said Mercier.

Getting out of the classroom and giving to the community.

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