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Student who fell out Vt. dorm window had wine laced with LSD

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POULTNEY, Vt. - Police say he jumped from a fourth-floor school building, now a Green Mountain College student is in critical condition. Investigators say the senior was high on LSD-laced wine when he threw himself through the glass window. Students say it is a tragedy that's shaken the entire community.

"Honestly it was just really tragic," said James VanDeuson, a junior.

VanDeuson says thoughts and prayers are with his fellow student, 23-year-old Christian Pezzino.

"More than anything, you never expect and you hear about things like that happening, but for it to happen at such a small school it was terrifying," VanDeuson says.

Police say late Saturday night, Pezzino, a Pennsylvania native, threw himself from through a window in the Ames Building on campus. He fell four stories to the ground below.

"Since then, interviewing witnesses at the scene and friends of his, it was found that he actually for an unknown reason jumped from the fourth story. He was in the hallway, he ran towards the end of the hall, and jumped through the actual pane of glass in the window," says Det. Sgt. Albert Abdelnour of the Vermont State Police.

The college senior was taken to Rutland Regional Medical Center but then transferred to Fletcher Allen Health Care due to the severity of his injuries. Police say he sustained most injuries to his skull.

Vermont State Police say upon further investigation they discovered that Pezzino and his friends had been drinking wine laced with LSD, a psychedelic drug. Authorities say there are no indications he was suicidal.

"He was reported to be very irate, throwing things around just prior to leaving his dorm room and then going into the hallway," Abdelnour says.

Pezzino's friends tell police this is not the first time they've consumed the wine mixed with the hallucinogen. Investigators are now focusing on where the drugs in the wine came from.

"I was kind of surprised because I didn't think that there was that kind of exposure to that heavy of a drug, LSD, at the school," said Rebecca Raymond, a sophomore.

Campus officials say the college is also launching its own investigation. They're also providing counseling to students, faculty, and staff who are struggling with the tragedy.

"We are working very hard to keep the campus community informed of any other developments and certainly our hearts, our prayers, and thoughts go out to the victim and his family," said Kevin Coburn, the director of communications at Green Mountain College.

"Being such a small school, the moral support and the sense of community that we have here already made it, I don't want to say easier but it definitely helped with such a terrible situation," says VanDeuson.

Pezzino remained in critical condition Tuesday evening. College officials say they will work hard to continue to update the community on how the student is doing.

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