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Poultney woman seeks help over alleged animal abuse

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A Poultney woman says that for over a year, her neighbor has been starving his pigs and leaving them to die in inhumane conditions.

The scene at Joan Bresnick's neighbor's pig farm was five dead pigs, carcasses and piles of trash.

"It's horrific, it's the cruelest thing I've ever seen done to animals," said Bresnick.

Bresnick says the alleged animal abuse has been going on for over a year now.

"We didn't sit outside all summer because of the odor," said Bresnick.

She says that of the pigs that are still alive, the skinny ones with their protruding ribs destroy her property searching for food. Attempts to talk to the neighbor haven't worked.

"It's impossible for me to fix all the damage that they've done. They tore up my leach field, they've destroyed my field. I don't have cows anymore because I can't put them out there because of the garbage in the field," said Bresnick.

They also resort to ghastly means to survive. She says she has made numerous complaints to multiple agencies and has gotten nowhere.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture told WCAX News that they have tried to look into the situation, but an inspector who went there didn't go on the property because there was no one home.

Under Vermont law, the Agency of Agriculture's responsibility in cases of alleged animal welfare violations involving livestock is to provide consultation to the law enforcement officer or humane officer charged with investigating the circumstances prior to the time that any enforcement action is taken.

Jonas Rosenthal serves as Poultney's town manager and health officer. He is concerned and has been making calls, but needs an official assessment.

"The neighbor could be alleging that there's animal abuse, we can't make that determination, it's gonna have to be made from a veterinarian," said Rosenthal.

Bresnick doesn't know who else to call.

"I've called the state health inspector, I've called the department of agriculture, I've called the humane society, I've called the game warden," said Bresnick.

She says she just wants her life back and to be able to enjoy her property and have the pigs live in a safe environment.

WCAX News attempted to contact the tenant at his place of work and a woman who answered the phone said he was with customers and would call us back. We had not yet received a call back when this story was published.

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