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Vermont family's year with no sugar

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PAWLET, Vt. - Vermont author Eve Schaub is not afraid to live up to her growing reputation as the No Sugar Queen. Her book "Year of No Sugar" came out just three weeks ago. The day before, Eve and her two young daughters appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show."

Reporter Julie Kelley: What was it like when someone called and said Dr. Oz wants you on his show?

Eve Schaub: I had to be resuscitated.

And it has been a whirlwind ever since.

But her story really began with another doctor. A YouTube video by Dr. Robert Lestig, "Sugar: The Bitter Truth," sparked the idea for a family project that would become a blog and then a book.

"He correlated our excessive consumption of sugar to virtually every major American health epidemic we're experiencing today," Eve said.

Eve and her husband, Steve, agreed to stop eating "added sugar" for a year with a few exceptions: one dessert per month, one exception per person and their two daughters could decide if they ate sugar when they were not with their parents.

As for breaking the news to 11-year-old Greta and 6-year-old Ilsa...

"They instantly zeroed in on what we were really talking about. 'You mean no sugar, no sugar for how long?' And a year to a 6-year-old, an 11-year-old is forever! So they burst into tears!" Eve said.

"I was freaking out," Ilsa said. "It was sort of hard at first, but I got used to it quickly."

Eve admits grocery shopping took twice as long at first because sugar is added to so much food.

"I found it in baby food and formula. I found it in cold cuts and mayonnaise and salad dressings," she said. "Peanut butter is another culprit... you have to look because a lot of peanut butter has added sugar."

There are at least 56 ways to list sugar, which means hunting for a loaf of bread could take hours. The Schaubs made it a family affair!

"We counted how many breads were in that aisle and we counted more than 250 varieties, and we found one that did not have added sugar," Eve said. "Beefsteak hearty rye."

You may be wondering what it takes to get a husband to agree to something like this.

"I'm an ex-Marine; I can do a year of anything, no problem, that's easy," Steve said.

But even this ex-Marine faced one big challenge not eating sugar: "Going to parties with friends and realizing, oh geez, what are we going to eat?"

Eleven-year-old Greta took it a step further in the journal she kept for the year: "You read about torture. Like with verbal torture and killing torture. But I'm talking about a whole different kind of torture. And because of this sugar thing, I had to experience it."

Julie Kelley: Did you miss one thing more than anything else during that year?

Ilsa Schaub: Chocolate!

You can watch the raw video of Julie Kelley's full interview with Eve Schaub for much more. Like how did Eve feel about including maple syrup on her "no added sugar" list? How did the kids at school treat her kids during the year? Can busy people actually sustain a lifestyle of very little sugar? If Eve is right, why aren't all American doctors yelling at the top of their lungs--- stop eating sugar?

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