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Vt. Guard's plan to lessen noise from the F-35

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The Vermont Air Guard says there's a plan to decrease the impact of the F-35 jets on local residents, specifically the noise. The work done trying to make the F-16 quieter will continue when the F-35 arrives.

"When we're landing over Winooski we actually extend our ground track now. It used to go over the high school and we weren't aware that was causing such an issue for the teachers in class. We pushed our ground track out so it actually goes around Winooski High School," said Col. T.J. Jackman of the Vt. Air Guard.

Jackman says there are no specific plans yet to physically block sound the jets make from the public. But he hopes to have an F-35 to test out on base before the official arrival in 2020.

"I am trying to get an F-35 here as soon as possible," Jackman said.

The Vermont Air Guard promises to do what they can to lessen the effects of the F-35 on residents who live in or near the plane's flight path. But opponents of the F-35 say the mitigation plan does not do enough. They say the only way to prevent the effects of the F-35, is to prevent the F-35 from coming.

"This is not a mitigation strategy, this is just saying we're going to keep doing the same things that we're doing," said Rosanne Greco, who opposes the F-35 being based in South Burlington.

The Air Guard have been sending pilots to bases already equipped with the F-35 fighter planes to prepare for when they arrive in South Burlington in 2020, and will continue to work on strategies to lessen the noise. But Greco and other opponents of the F-35 plan to sue the Air Force. Greco says they are going to keep fighting the arrival of the F-35s.

"We're going to keep fighting and we're going to be successful in preventing it from coming here," Greco said.

Members of the Vermont Air Guard say they won't know the specifics of how to deal with the F-35 noise until the planes arrive in June 2020.

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