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Super Senior: Leo West

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ENOSBURGH FALLS, Vt. - Leo West spends his nights not only watching the games, but doing something very special for the kids. 

"Way to go, way to go," said Leo.

Leo is a fixture at the field.

"He's at every game? Every game, never misses a game," said Chris Brigham.

Brigham is the coach and athletic director at the high school. He knows Leo well.

"Yeah, he's our biggest fan," said Brigham.

Leo cheers on the kids, but he does something else.

He takes pictures of every kid on the team. Not just boy’s baseball, but just about every sport at Enosburgh Falls High School.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So you try to get every single kid?

Leo: Yeah. Eventually I'll get them all in the book.

It's actually a photo album containing pictures of the players along with newspaper clippings. It’s a snapshot in time. Leo does three editions. He does soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter and baseball plus softball in the spring.

"It's something that doesn't take too much smarts and it takes up my time," said Leo.

The books are free to the kids, Leo has passed out hundreds of them through the years.

"I try to glorify as we say, as many people as I can," said Leo.

Back at the field, the 83-year-old is in constant motion. The girls’ softball team played Lake Region Union High School across the street.

"OK, who do they have catching today," said Leo.

It also time to catch up on what's going on in the town.

Joe Carroll: You come here to take pictures or to socialize?

Leo: A little bit of everything.

The fans appreciate his generosity.

"I loved what he did, he gave my daughter a book, and I still look at it to this day, everything he's done, a lot of time and effort," said Anthony Lussier, a parent.

Lussier's daughter Ellen is a former student-athlete and now the softball coach. For the current generation of kids, the images are priceless.

"It's a really good thing to have to look back and see our accomplishments and everything," said Shaleiagh Drapper, an Enosburgh Falls softball player.

"We have to go back to the baseball game, they never say take me to the softball game," said Leo.

The girls win, but the boys are trailing.

Coach Brigham concentrates on the game, but he's well aware of the man with the camera just to his right.

"You don't do that for every kid in the program three times a year if you don't love kids," said Brigham.

The home team loses the game, but there is a winner on the field. It's Leo, a man who gives a lasting memory to so many in his community.

"You got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative, don't mess with mister in between," sings Leo.

Leo worked at a paper mill in Sheldon for 33 years.  He and his wife Marie Anne have 7 children. 

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