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NY DEC bans wild boar hunting

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PERU, N.Y. -

Feral boars living in the wild-- they're a problem in the North Country. But a new law banning people from hunting them was just passed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Experts say hunting these boars actually does more harm than good.

"We want to be able to trap those all at one time and get rid of the whole sounder at once. If you start shooting at them they'll scatter, and there will be individual animals here and there-- much harder to get," said Ed Reed of the N.Y. DEC.

The wild boars damage farm crops and compete with the native wildlife for food.

"They can transmit diseases to domestic swine and also to humans. So they're really not something we want out on the landscape," Reed said.

The owners of Rulfs Orchard in Peru say their crops were devastated by the feral boars three years ago, costing them $25,000. They say the problem started when a nearby farmer who was raising feral boars lost one. The boar began breeding close to Rulfs Orchard.

"When they do get out they breed prolifically. They can have up to three litters per year-- five or six per litter for each female. So they can really increase in a hurry," Reed explained.

Feral boars can be aggressive, have large tusks and are known to attack people. So the DEC stepped in.

"We set up some cameras and learned where the pigs were moving, their trails and times of day they were moving. We set traps up and we were able to capture and euthanize over 40 swine over an 18-month period," Reed said.

The DEC say there is no word of any feral boars left in the Peru area, but there are still some reports west of Peru. Officials say if you come across a feral boar, leave it alone and call the DEC.

Current legislation bans any hunting, trapping, breeding or importing of wild boars. In September 2015, the law will also make it illegal to possess wild boars in New York.

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