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NY 3D printer-based company, first in North America

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A growing industry allows a Canadian company to grow its operation to the United States. A 3-D printer-based company opens its doors in Rouses Point, New York.

Three Dimensional Repair Partial Denture or 3DRPD is the new company in the North Country with a distinct specialty.

"We are the only one. We are the first in North America," said Denis Theriault, 3DRPD USA president.

It's the only company in the U.S. or Canada using 3-D printers to make partial dentures. The company started in Quebec where they sold nearly 3 million dentures worldwide since 2008. Right now 3DRPD has only three printers in the Rouses Point office making about 40 dentures a day.

"It's not easy to find, only two companies build that equipment in Germany and France. So we are on the waiting list to receive some equipment," said Theriault.

Before 3-D printers, these partial dentures were hand-crafted by jewelers in China. Now the 3-D printers can make them here in the U.S., bringing the work and the jobs.

3DRPD employs five workers in Rouses Point right now. Theriault expects that number to grow to 30.

"There's going to be other people seeing this idea and what you can do in little Rouses Point in upstate New York and realize what can be done there can be done in Plattsburgh and Chazy and every little hamlet across this country - simply by buying some relatively moderately priced 3-D printing equipment nowadays," said Colin Read, a professor of economics and finance at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Business experts say 3-D printing is the next big thing. With the convenience and speed of 3-D printing more and more businesses are expected to use it.

"There's no reason to believe with Internet and 3-D printing, you can't have the finished device at the dentist’s office just a few days later. That's the real big advantage of this technology," said Read.

It took Theriault more than $2 million to set up shop in the U.S. He hopes to add more printers, as the technology grows.

"Able to produce more than 1,000 per day in the near future," said Theriault.

It's a company growing from a growing dimension.

3DRPD also plans to expand its operation to the West Coast in the coming years.

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