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Redesigning with Ruxana: Interior Maintenance

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BURLINGTON, Vt. - Steve Bottari: When your driving down the street these days, you see all those for sale signs out there.  This is the time of year everybody is buying and selling houses.  And you want to make sure it looks good, so Roxana Oosman is here to help give us some tips for everyday maintenance.

Roxana Oosman: That's right, my grandfather used to say 'it's easier to keep up then catch up.'

Steve Bottari: And that makes sense -- when you go into a lot of these houses you see people that throw on quick paint jobs because they're trying to get ready to sell it.  You're saying, if you're just doing the maintenance all year round you don't have to worry about that.

Roxana Oosman:  That's right and I'll tell you on something that people don't think interior designers care about is actually the longevity or the maintenance of a property.  I actually have created folders to give to clients on how to maintain their furniture, their leather, their window treatments.  One of the things I actually do -- I give them calendar reminder stickers to remind them to vacuum their custom window treatments every six months.

Steve Bottari:  Because your saying dust is very abrasive?

Roxana Oosman: Dust is very abrasive and overtime it will actually degenerate the fabric, and so especially with the sunlight and then the dust coming in from the other direction, it's really important to keep those clean and dust free.

Steve Bottari: What else do we have for advice here?

Roxana Oosman: There is a difference between chalk paint and chalk board paint.  So chalk board paint is when you spray something for a calendar or for a memo board.  Chalk paint is actually a wonderful paint product that requires zero prep -- no stripping, no sanding.

Steve Bottari:Sounds like a dream product

Roxana Oosman: It is. It's perfect for lazy painters, or sloppy painters.  Here's an example.  I just took an old sample board that I had thrown some stains on for a client and I painted with chalk  paint on the top.  I added a clear wax and then of course a dark wax.  And the dark wax is great to give it an old age patina.  And it accentuates all the nicks and the grooves.  And if you have an old piece of oak furniture that's  a little dated, this is a great way to update it and kid of give it a vintage look -- make it a little more contemporary -- a little less dated.

Steve Bottari:Not chalk board paint.

Roxana Oosman: Correct.  This is my magic formula and all of my clients know this -- it's called Howards Restore Finish.  This is a sample board, I was testing stains for a client.  The board was thrown around in the studio, dropped, kicked -- it's got all sorts of nicks and grooves.  And I don’t know if the camera will actually capture this but on ths side -- the before side -- you can see all of the marks.  An here the after.  Now this works really well if you have solid wood doors in your room, but also for crown molding or floor molding -- it just gives it a nice updated look

Roxana Oosman: If you have hardware that is dated -- maybe looks a little bit old and stained.  Maybe when you were painting you forgot to take off the hinges and you painted over the hinges.  All you need to do is grab Rust-Oleum.  They have black, they have satin-nickel, they have regular satin finishes and they also have oil rub brass.  You take them off, you spray a coat of it.  It looks clean and updated without the expense of buying all new hardware.

Steve Bottari:Lastly if we're trying to cleanup up nicks -- things like that -- you're saying these crayons will work.

Roxana Oosman: If you have a deep gauge in a coffee table or console table, you fill that in with these crayons --- it just blends in to the piece of furniture. You can't tell that there was a scratch.

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