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Blasting bugs with water

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Some varieties of flowers have curly leaves, but this flower should not have curly leaves. This is insect damage, and this time of year there are all kinds of bugs out there attacking your plants. The first thing to do is check your plants and see what bug it is.

This is an easy one because you just unfurl the leaf and you can see, there are a whole bunch of black aphids just hanging out and feeding in there causing the leaves to curl. The curling will stunt and deform the plant.

Now you can reach for a spray, and there are lots of different insecticidal sprays out there, but you can do a very simple technique instead. Sometimes pest control can be really simple.

You can just blast them off the leaf with a stream of water. Using a hose and a nozzle or you can get this new product called a Bug Blaster to remove the bugs.

This is an improved version of the garden wand and nozzle. What this does is sprays 360 degrees around the wand and the spray is strong enough to knock bugs off, but not so strong that it will damage the leaf.

It reaches up underneath the leaf to get the bugs. It's great because you can go up into a tree with this sprayer and blast a whole group of leaves. You can get to where the actual bugs are and you really knock the eggs and adults off too. Hopefully they don't come back again.

Now with something insects such as aphids, you might want to blast them two or three times a week, to really knock them off, but after that, you should be OK.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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