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What's Cooking: Pan roasted chicken breast tartine

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Pan Roasted Chicken Breast Tartine

Sweet sundried tomato capers relish, baby arugula, cherry tomato, chipotle oil, micro greens

Recipe for 4 guests:

Chicken breast (boneless skinless or airline breast): 4 ea.

Vegetable oil to sear chicken: 1 tsp

O'Bread Bakery whole wheat bread: 4 slices

Baby arugula: 3 oz.

Cherry tomatoes medley: 1.5 cup (cut in halves or quarters depending on size)

Sea salt

Basil oil:

Basil: ½ bunch

Blend olive oil/canola oil: ½ cup

Blanch basil in boiling salty water fast, shock in icy water, drain and squeeze excess water. Place oil in blender, add blanced basil, and blend for a short time to avoid oil warming up therefore turning oil dark greyish green. Place in container above ice, let it set till service

Chipotle oil:

Chipotle pepper in adobo sauce: ¼ can

Extra virgin olive oil: ½ cup

Blend both ingredients together until pepper is all pureed. Place in thieve and let it pass through slowly

Sweet sundried tomato caper relish:

Sun dried tomato in olive oil: 1 cup

Sugar: 1 tsp.

Olive oil: ½ cup

Capers: ¼ cup

Basil: 5 leaves

Salt & pepper to taste

In a robot (Cuisinart), place sundried tomato, sugar and extra virgin olive oil. Blend together until reaching smooth texture. Add caper and basil leaves and pulse so the capers remain chunky and basil does not totally disappear. Check and adjust seasoning. Reserve until service.

Pan-sear chicken breast and finish cooking in oven. Toast O'Bread Bakery whole wheat slices under broiler, spread relish on bread, place baby arugula in top the spread. When chicken is fully cooked, slice it on the bias, place on top of arugula.

Plate up: Place tartine in center of the plate, lightly season cherry tomatoes with seas salt, sprinkle them on top of tartine. Garnish with micro green and drizzle with both oils. You can also add balsamic syrup drizzle to add acidity to the dish and color.

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