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Trending tiny homes pop up in Burlington

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A lot of people dream of downsizing and living a more simple life, but could you live in a home that was just 200 square feet?

When it comes to home construction there is a trend toward tiny. In some cases, homes that are just a few hundred square feet, like ones found on the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website. Not only homes but other stand alone and sometimes mobile structures, like an office on wheels made by local builder Marshall Jewel. You can just move it to where you want it, and plug it in.

"I think it is a great movement that has been happening around the country and it is starting to pop its head around here in the Burlington area also," said Brian Hsiang, ReSource YouthBuild supervisor.

"I think folks are looking to move out of these giant McMansions and kind of pear down their lives into structures that work with their lives. Smaller structures that are super-efficient that are built conserving materials that are really well built structures," said Hsiang.

Hsiang is the site supervisor for ReSource YouthBuild training in Burlington. The group just finished a pint-sized potting shed.

"This was actually pretty neat. This is going to the community gardens here in Burlington. It may become one we see replicated all over the city, in different community gardens we did it in partnership with Burlington Parks and Recreation," said Hsiang.

The price tag, $2,500.

"This structure was kind of tricky for me. I had to get used to putting the siding up, the drip edge was kind of tricky as well. It's kind of hard to nail through that," said Joey Bell, YouthBuild.

Bell and Jordan Ashe helped with the project.

"The Window allows the light to go in and we have this porch right here. We have the barrels that collect rainwater to use to water the plants," said Bell.

ReSource is offering workshops in conjunction with the Vermont Woodworking School to show folks how to build their own pint-size abodes.

You might think the cost of building a tiny house would be, well tiny, not necessarily. They can actually cost more per square foot to build, depending on materials used.

"When you want a well-built structure, when you want something with good craftsmanship, good quality materials that is energy efficient, the cost for foot equations probably doesn't shift that much. Obviously, you don't have a huge structure but I think probably your cost per foot calculation stays about the same," said Hsiang.

Living in a tiny space is not for everyone, but the movement has captured the imagination of these young builders who think that sometimes, less, is more.


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