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Stunning views from Owls Head Mountain

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Stunning views are not hard to find in this state, especially when you're willing to take a little hike.

"It started out as people running through transiently, Native Americans, different hunters and trappers. Then a few people started settling the land for farming. They found out quickly that Groton was probably best at growing trees and rocks," said Barbara MacGregor of Vermont State Parks.

In 1919, the state started purchasing different tracts of land in the forest.

One of those tracks was Owls Head Mountain in the Groton State Forest. To get there, take the 1.5-mile hiking trail from New Discovery State Park. It has an elevation change of just over 200 feet. If you're seeking a shortcut, there's a summer access road off Route 232 that leads nearly to the top.

From there...

"It's only a couple tenths of a mile and I know it's probably the go to place for a lot of folks. It's easy for just about everybody and the views are incredible," said MacGregor.

The Civilian Conservation Corps was stationed in Groton Forest from the 1930s until 1942. It was a public relief work program aimed at putting unmarried men to work in rural lands owned by the government. In Vermont, CCC did much of the original trail and stone work that still remains in place.

"The Civilian Conservation Corp did the step work," said MacGregor. "They built the trail up to the summit and the octagon at the summit was used as a fire tower at one point, their stuff was meant to last and were still using it 80 years later."

In the 30s and 40s, the summit was clear cut of trees and one would have a 360-degree view of the forest.

"A lot has changed, the trees have grown up. It's no longer used as a fire tower. That ended in the 40s after World War II," said MacGregor.

But the stunning summit views remain.

"Kettle Pond, Lake Groton, you can see Peacham Bog area. If you look real close you can see East Montpelier and you can also see Spruce Mountain from the top. So it's a lot of bang for your buck hiking up there," said MacGregor. "It is hands down our most popular areas. I would say everyone ends up here."

It's a short hike that's easy to find, the next time you want to get up and out in the Green Mountains.

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