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Scoutmaster celebrates 50 years with the Boy Scouts

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"I was eleven years old, 1965 I started. You just gave away your age. I know, now I know I'm old!" says Scoutmaster Steve Dow.

Dow is quick with a laugh and clearly enjoys what he does with his free time.

"All volunteer. Yep, yep, 100 percent," he says.

For the last 27 years, he has been the scoutmaster for Troop 650 in Burlington. It's the same boy scout troop he started with back when he was a kid.

"Same troop. We meet at St. Marks Church here on the avenue. Never left the troop. It's Troop 650 and I've been in it for fifty years," he says.

"I just see him as trying to teach the boys good skills to live by," says Jim Smith, an Eagle Scout and father.

Smith would know. His son Noah is in Troop 650 with Dow and so was he.

"I've worked with Steve Dow, Mr. Dow for, well I've been doing scouting I don't even know when I started, probably 79 with myself. Worked with Bill Hockey who was our first scoutmaster right up through to Steve Dow got my Eagle Scout and now I'm passing the reins on," says Smith. "And if you want more history on that my dad started with the troop when it originally started with Bill Hauke here on North Avenue."

Marc- Andre McKivergan is Dow's newest Eagle Scout.

"He's a second dad to me. He's just given me so many opportunities that I would not have gotten anywhere else. And it's just a blessing to have this opportunity in my life to go on these trips and to be with him for so long. And to have him be a father figure in my life," he says.

McKivergan has been on three high adventures with Dow, including a 17-day canoe trip right now with a group from Vermont.

"The last I figured out its been close to five hundred kids I've taken on these twelve trips that I've done and hopefully I've got twelve more in me!" Dow says.

Jim and Noah hope so too, for little Keegan's sake!

"A future Boy Scout, hopefully with troop 650!" they say.

A troop that means so much to this electrician who spends his free time developing Vermont's future leaders.

"Boy Scouts is my life. I've been with this scout troop for fifty years next September," he says.


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