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YCQM: July 13, 2014 - Rachel Nevitt

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BURLINGTON, Vt. - You Can Quote Me -- July 13, 2014 -- Rachel Nevitt, a Lyme disease patient, joins Darren Perron and Kyle Midura to discuss Lyme disease.

*NOTE: The video continues after a short break about 15 minutes in


This week -- we aired a

series of special reports on

Lyme disease -- exploring the

controversy and treatment for

the tick-borne illness.The

state says there were 674

cases here last year -- up

from 386 in 2012. This

morning on You Can Quote Me --

we heard firsthand from a Lyme

disease patient about what

it's like to live with that


Rachel Nevitt: It usually

starts with twitching. My arm

turns into this claw.I start

having slowed gait, unsteady

gait.And then literally, I

slow down to a point where I

just can't go anymore. I can't

move my arms anymore . I don't

fall over, it's really weird.

I maintain my balance for the

most part. And then somebody

will come along and pick me up

and move me someplace where I

just pass out cold from

anywhere from one to twelve

hours.Kyle Midura: Are there

activities you can no longer

do because of that? I mean,

can you no longer risk getting

in a car and driving? Nevitt:

Well, not only the paralysis,

but I had acute bouts of

Alzheimer's, where I could be

driving a car and all of a

sudden think "Oh god, how do I

-- what is the steering wheel,

I know a steering wheel, that

turns, how do I --" And I'd

have these moments of panic

and I'd think, oh my god, my

child is in the back of the

car, and I don't know what I'm

doing. Fortunately for me,

most of my driving is on

country roads and there's not

a lot of traffic and

eventually it would come back

to me, or more likely I

couldn't think through it, but

my body knew the motions to

do. But yeah, I don't leave

home very often.
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