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Super Senior: Frank Suchomel

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He plays music in the mountains and since 1942 the sounds of Bach, Mozart and Chopin have been a part of a community near Montpelier. And for decades, Frank Suchomel has been a huge supporter of the Adamant Music School.

It's not easy finding the village of Adamant, but when you do, you'll be treated to sights and sounds unheard of in the state of Vermont. There are 48 grand pianos scattered in small cabins on 200 acres of land. It's a menagerie of melodies at the Adamant Music School.

The town once was named Sodom because it lacked a church and legend has it, one of the buildings was a "house of ill repute." Now more refined activities are performed.

WCAX visited Adamant Music School way back in the late 1970s. Edwine Behre founded the school in 1942. She was in the twilight of her life; shortly after the story aired she died. Frank took over and he's been president ever since.

"So many memories," said Frank.

Sixty-two years in fact, first as a student, then on the staff.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Why the passion for this place, from you?

Frank Suchomel: Because it's beautiful, I love this place.

This summer has a class of 19; a good year is 30. They will spend days practicing and honing their skills with faculty offering critiques.

The 84-year-old lives on campus.

"I love to go around listening to them," said Frank.

Frank's inspired by future professional pianists, something he never was. He says he was never at their caliber to be a professional.

"Pianos are just like people, they vary and why not," said Frank.

Frank's life has varied too. He says he was born in Iowa to a dirt poor family. In his early 20s he moved to the Northeast and came out as gay. Frank took a job with UPS and moved up the corporate ladder. He bought stock in the company throughout his career. The stock did well and so did he, becoming a multimillionaire. The lover of music has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the school. He lives with his partner, Michael, and they married in Vermont.

Carroll: Why do you think so many Vermonters have never have heard of this place?

Franks: We've never advertised, but we have people coming from all over the world believe it or not, including Eben Wagenstroom from South Africa.

A final note, Frank isn't planning on retiring.

Frank tried living a winter in Vermont once. He lives much of the year in Hawaii to escape the cold.

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