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Destination Recreation: Mt. Washington Weather Discovery Center

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The Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center; it's a place where weather and science is brought to life.

"This is our end of the year field trip so as part of that we try to go to some places where students can see science in action," says teacher Lisa Morse.

Morse is a second grade teacher a Milan Village School in Milan, New Hampshire. Today, her students are all smiles investigating the many interactive exhibits at the discovery center.

One of the favorites is the replica of the original summit building. Visitors go inside and experience what it felt like during the record-breaking 231 mph wind gust from April of 1934.

Students like Abraham Backler can't get enough of it.

"The place where the ground shakes," he says.

Not only are these kids having a ton of fun, they are learning some science too. Here we can see why the winds are so fast atop Mount Washington. Air rushes up the top of the Mountain, but it's squeezed by the top of the atmosphere, and it streams right through. That's the reason that reason that Mount Washington is home to some of the highest winds.

There's tornado exhibit which shows how funnels form.

Visitors can take a stab at presenting the weather on TV, thanks to the blue screen. We also saw students gravitate towards the wind cannon.

Some of these youngsters, like Malachi Plociennik, learned about how wind moves sailboats.

Reporter Nick Borelli: "What's your favorite thing?"

Plociennik: "The boat. You have to move the boat."

These exhibits can bring out the inner kid in all of us.

"I also love the shaky shack," says Will Broussard.

Broussard, of the Mount Washington Observatory, says we can all relate when weather is brought to life.

"What's really neat about Mount Washington, this kind of natural artifact, it really connects people with the weather," he says.

And even though these youngsters are all smiles. They are doing more than having fun.

"For the students to see science in a totally different format is great," says Morse.

Admission to the Weather Discovery Center is free except for groups of 20 or more, then it's $3 a person. It's open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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