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SJ QuikPro 2100 Publishes New Blog Post on how to Quit Smoking

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Blog post on the increasing use of alternative quit-smoking aids around the world.

July 27, 2014

Phoenix, AZ, USA – July 27th, 2014 /PressCable/ — SJ QuikPro 2100 published their new blog post today: More Help on how to Quit Smoking. This blog post reveals updated information on help to quit smoking and how new alternative forms are continuing to rise in popularity.SJ QuikPro 2100 owner Scott Jones says many people struggle with really understanding how to quit smoking. This blog post gives solid information that’s not often shared openly in the self-help industry.From Wikipedia: “An atomizer generally consist of a small heating element responsible for vaporizing e-liquid, as well as a wicking material that draws liquid in. Along with a battery, the atomizer is the central component of every personal vaporizer.
Differences between atomizers cause differences in the ingredients and
their concentrations delivered to users, even when the same liquid is
used.A small length of resistance wire
is coiled around the wicking material and then connected to the
positive and negative poles of the device. When activated the resistance
wire (or coil) quickly heats up thus turning the liquid into a vapor,
which is then inhaled by the user.The electrical resistance of the coil, the voltage output of the device, the airflow
of the atomizer and the efficiency of the wick play important roles in
the perceived quality of the aerosol that is produced by an atomizer.
They also greatly affect the quantity or volume of aerosol that will be produced by the atomizer.Atomizer resistances usually vary from 1.5Ω (ohms) to 3.0Ω from one atomizer to the next but can go as low as 0.1Ω in the most extreme cases of DIY coil building which produce large amounts of vapor but could present a fire hazard and other dangerous battery failures if the user is not knowledgeable enough about basic electrical principles and how they relate to battery safety. Wicking materials vary greatly from one atomizer to another but silica
fibers are the most commonly used in manufactured atomizers.
“Rebuildable” or “do it yourself” atomizers can use silica, cotton, porous ceramic, hemp, bamboo yarn, oxidized stainless steel mesh and even wire rope cables as wicking materials.” (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org)There are numerous sources of information to help one make an appropriate decision about whether or not it is safe to consider using alternative aids for the purposes of quitting smoking. There is an ongoing debate regarding the safety of this relatively recent phenomenon. Some who have wondered about the effectiveness of aids that contain tabex may consider this alternative form of help to counter the effects of smoking.The blog post is at http://quitsmoking-sjqp.com.About SJ QuikPro 2100SJ QuikPro 2100 was founded in 2012 and serves the self-help industry, among others. It is known for helping to provide practical help for people with addictions.

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Name: Scott Jones
Email: yj@sjquikpro2100.com
Organization: SJ QuikPro 2100
Website: http://quitsmoking-sjqp.com
Phone: 6236801001

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