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Destination Recreation: Extreme Tubing

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The ski jump hills in Lake Placid have a new use this summer: Extreme Tubing.

"As you can see, the name fits," says Jon Lundin with the Olympic Redevelopment Authority.

Lundin says they decided to add summer tubing this year after realizing that they already had everything in place: the tubes from winter, and the hills that were already prepared for the summer ski jumping trainees. They say it's been a hit.

Reporter Cat Viglienzoni: "Now I know this is something that's going to worry me... tipping over."

Lundin: "No. There is no chance of you tipping over."

For the younger riders, there's the 20-meter hill. A smaller slide that's just big enough for the little ones.

But if you're a bit older and up for a bit more of an adventure, there's the 48-meter hill.

"It was a lot faster than it looks. A lot steeper," says rider Johnny Foral.

As I found out, it's also a bumpier ride.

And then it was time for the 90-meter hill. Even in winter, it's hard to imagine anyone attempting this.

"You get to this edge and you just drop off. You feel like you're not even on the ground anymore, you get some distance, and then it kind-of catches you and just slings you out. It's just awesome," says rider Luke Leblanc.

"You know, people look at it and they say, oh it's not that big or you can't go that fast, but then they find out within a matter of moments on that 90m hill you're reaching speeds of 50 mph," Lundin says.

I had time to think about those speeds as I rode the chairlift up. A hill that didn't look quite as steep from the bottom had a very different perspective at the top.

When you slide down, you do feel like you're flying. Lundin says we can go so fast on these hills is because the turf bristles, when wetted, act just like ice, shooting the tube along. You can hear the moment my stomach felt like it dropped out. It's a feeling -- and a sound -- that takes getting used to.

Depending on your age and which hills you choose to do, it costs about $20-50. They're open Tuesdays through Saturdays in the afternoons. For more information, click here.




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