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Scott says he can solve Vermont's affordability crisis

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Phil Scott calls himself a "Vermonter: born and bred." He grew up in Barre, graduated from University of Vermont and even races at Thunder Road in the 14 car.

"My mom was an avid race fan, took us to races when I was young," said Scott.

Scott's now been Vermont's lieutenant governor for four years and he's asking voters for two more years.

Scott spent 10 years as a Washington County senator before he was lieutenant governor, but he says he's never lost touch with what matters to everyday Vermonters.

"I do a Vermont Everyday Jobs Tour where I work a day in somebody else's shoes. It keeps me in touch. I have the pulse of the working community," said Scott.

And what he says he's found: Vermont has an affordability crisis, something the Legislature must address with property tax reform in the next legislative session.

"If there is one issue we need to try to come to grips with its demographics, fix the economy so in turn, fix some of the pressures that struggling families are feeling," said Scott.

Scott is proposing that the state audit all of its unfunded mandates in addition to making a more business-friendly tax code.

"We chose to adopt a tax on the cloud. Businesses were telling us don't tax the cloud," said Scott.

Scott is running on the Republican ticket and his conservative stances on health care are in sharp contrast to his opponent, Progressive Dean Corren, who is a strong advocate for single-payer.

Scott says he won't pass judgment on a single-payer plan until he has more details.

"What is it going to cover, who is going to have to utilize it, how much is it gonna cost," said Scott.

And with all those questions yet to be answered, Corren says he, not Scott is the right person to lead the Senate through the tough legislative session ahead.

"I would be a conduit for working Vermonters who need to get a fairer, more efficient system," said Corren.

To which Scott says look at his record. For 14 years, he has served in the minority.

"I've made my whole political life about building coalitions and working across the aisle. I don't think you're going to find any Democrats or Progressives that would disagree with that," said Scott.

Scott says after 14 years, he's got the trust of politicians from all parties and he hopes voters will trust him as well giving him another term in November.

"They trust me and that's what you learn in the legislative process, in life, in business, in anything you do. They got to have trust and respect for you," said Scott.

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