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Sunday Science: Snowy Owl Predictions

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One of the things we can look forward to during the winter are the appearance of snowy owls.

Last year was an extraordinary year for spotting snowy owls throughout New England, well south of their usual hunting grounds in the Arctic Circle. Experts say that was due to a few things, including a population boom that pushed the owls farther south to find food.

And of course, last year's sightings have birders this year excited to maybe see those birds come back.

"There are already snowy owls in our area. They have been reported. And we are always hoping to see a snowy owl. I think every one of the people who's out doing the Christmas Bird Count loves to see any owl, but a snowy owl is really special," says bird enthusiast Shirley Johnson.

Larry Clarfeld from North Branch Nature Center in Montpelier says that this year is supposed to be another good year to see snowy owls in our region, but not as good as last year.

But he says there are a lot of them moving south this year, so they are expecting another big eruption in the east and midwest.

He also said that last year they saw a lot of juvenile owls and this year they're expecting to see more older birds show up.

So if you want to see a snowy owl, wildlife experts suggest trying to go to places where there might be food for them, like small mammals or even ducks. So you might want to try an open farm field or by the water's edge.

If you want to learn more about snowy owls and track their migration, you can visit: http://www.projectsnowstorm.org


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