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Roger Van Den Hende Botanical Garden

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QUEBEC CITY - We're up in Quebec City, and they have this beautiful garden called the Roger Van Den Hende Botanical Garden.

It's part of the University of La Valle, and it's a teaching garden. It was started about 35 years ago, by a professor of horticulture, Roger Van Den Hende, and he had his students come out and start growing different plants and teaching them how to grow them. It's slowly expanded so that now, it's a public garden and a display garden for everyone to come see. 

The best part about is you don't have to take a tram to get around, it's only a couple acres in size, but it's packed with flowers. I really love the trial gardens, they trial different kinds of annuals flowers every year and it's loaded with color so you can take notes on the different flowers to look for that will be new to the trade the following year.

They have some green houses there where they can overwinter some tropical plants, too, Then they bring them back out into the vegetable garden area and plant them with different home garden vegetables growing there. 

They have a big pergola toward the back of the garden, that's loaded with these old vines of wisteria, and clematis, and some arctic kiwis, that are really cool fruits.

They've got a beautiful rose garden in back of that area too. Of course, you wouldn't have a botanic garden without a rose garden. 

And they have rows and rows of different perennial flowers that you can check out and see how they are growing. Toward the front of the garden, there is a beautiful water garden. 

So all of this is within a couple of acres here right in downtown Quebec City. Another great part about this? It's free! It's open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. during the summer, so if you're up in Quebec City, definitely check out the Roger van den Hende botanical garden. 

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