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Talented twins follow musical dreams

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From the outside they may look like normal 18-year-olds. But give them a microphone and a guitar, and these identical twins transform into the pop duo, Take 2. Shelby Cashman has been following them around as they tour in Vermont.

"Life without you is ordinary, like 20 shades of brown," their song goes.

Especially ordinary without your identical twin and bandmate.

"You have a built in best friend," said Adrian "The styles really complement each other; I think that you can only get with a brotherly dynamic."

It's a dynamic Adrian and Julian Woodrow, two 18-year-olds form Sunderland, have used to create the pop duo, Take 2. You may recognize them from the first U.S. season of "The X Factor" and season two of "The Voice."

"Music has pretty much always been a big part of our lives," said Adrian. "We were like 13, 14 at the time, we were like, 'Yeah, we could totally do that,'" said Adrian.

"We want to tour in every major city in the U.S., so winning 'The X Factor' would probably help," said Adrian and Julian.

Then known as Blackberry Jam, the twins made it all the way to the boot camp round of "The X Factor" after auditioning in front of music giants like Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

Adrian: And the crowd just went nuts, they were like "Ahhhh!"

Julian: Tweebers, oh my god.

Adrian: It was truly like a wall of sound, it was "redonkulus."

That crowd of 4,000 is about four times the size of Take 2's hometown, Sunderland, Vermont.

Sunderland Elementary School is where it all began. But even from a young age, the twins knew they were meant for something that expanded far beyond the town lines.

"Those two really stood out," said Mary Ann Caraco, fifth and sixth-grade teacher. "I mean they did have a natural presence and a natural talent for acting, singing and they were just very comfortable with that."

The twins were even comfortable honing their self-taught musical skills during lunchtime performances.

"We did like a duo act and our entire goal was to make the school laugh at us... like he would dance to the song 'Eddie Coutacatchnem Wacky Brown' and I would sing it, and he would dance it, and the whole crowd would erupt and ever since then we've been hooked on the performing aspect."

And at the dinner table...

"We'd be sitting at the dinner table and we'd be like, we need a dinner table performance and then right here, they'd break into something," said Heather Chirtea, the twins' mom.

As the twins take the next steps toward their dream, Chirtea has found herself in a new role too, "Momager."

"Sometimes we pick them up from school, they'll head off to the studio, they'll be in recording session till 8 o'clock at night, they'll come home, do a little homework, go to bed and the next day maybe they have a concert in the morning. I mean, it's a big schedule," said Chirtea.

A schedule made up of shows at small venues around the region to promote Take 2's first album of original songs, "End of the Night."

"At concerts they are like whoa, here we go Take 2," said Chirtea.

And the performers are also spreading a message to follow your dreams. Like at an afternoon jam session at Bristol Elementary.

Over the past couple of months, Take 2 has done free concerts at Vermont schools throughout the week followed by a weekend concert in the same part of the state. They say it's helping them build a loyal and passionate fan base

Reporter Shelby Cashman: So what did you think of Take 2?

Fans: It was awesome, I loved them.

Cashman: Are you guys super pumped that you just got their autographs?

Fans: Oh yeah!

Cashman: What are you going to do with it?

Fan: Keep it in my room and never let go.

The twins say they'll never let go of their dreams. And even though it didn't work out for them on reality TV, Adrian and Julian say playing in smaller settings means more, not only to them, but to their fans.

"I've heard so many times from these kids, I would have never picked up an instrument, I would have never sang in front of my friends, you've inspired me to be a singer, and that fuels this whole tour thing," said Adrian.

"It's just so awesome to just be playing for people that like your music that's worth it," said Julian.

"In that moment to those kids, you're the pop star of the year," said Adrian.

The road to worldwide fame may be long, but they say the performing practice they're getting now helps them improve.

"We're going to take one to two gap years and just tour and gig around and just try to be become famous musicians, and just that's the goal," said Adrian.

Until then, Take 2 is focused on graduating from Burr and Burton Academy.

"Will you go to prom with me," sang Adrian and Julian.

And waiting for the day when having to sing for a prom date is a distant memory.

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