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Jack o Planterns

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This tip is a cool idea. My daughter up in Canada sent me this blog about what they do with their Jack o Lanterns because everyone is doing their Jack o Lanterns this time of year. So in this blog, they create what they call "Jack o Planterns"! 

You take your Jack o Lantern and carve it out like you normally would. Scoop out all of the insides and save the pumpkin seeds! Then look for plants you might still have around that are still blooming and still looking good. So I just quickly ran around and found what I could get. 
I found a nice geranium for the top or hair. I found some pansies to stick in there for the eyes. 

And then I found a ground cover for the bottom for the smile. You just fill up the pumpkin with potting soil, pop these plants in the openings, and water. You can mix and match a whole bunch of different plants in your Jack O Plantern. If you have ornamental grasses, like oat grass for example, you could put that in the top. You could get some house plants and put them in. You could get little sedums, for example, and put those in as little teeth along the bottom, too. 
So, you can get really creative with it. And the best part is, a lot of these plants are annuals, and cold tolerant so they'll last for awhile. After Halloween you'll still have these plants blooming for maybe a couple more weeks. And then, you can just take the whole thing and whisk it away into the compost! And you're done! 
So, instead of Jack o Lanterns, try Jack o Planterns this Halloween! 

By Charlie Nardozzi

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