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It's November and the kale is coming into it's own! It's one of my favorite fall vegetables! Now usually when you think of kale, you think of maybe one or two types, but there are a lot of different types out there.

There are nice pretty ones, too! There are some thin leafed ones like this 'Red Russian' kale and some of the 'Starbor' kales that are nice because the leaves are very thin, and tender. So you can chop them up into salads, especially the young leaves, or you can put them in shakes and to hide the kale for people who don't want to know that they are eating kale.  

Then you can get the thicker leafed ones, like the dinosaur kale.These are good because the leaves are really crunchy. When you chop them up and put them in a soup, stew or casserole, they stay crunchy. They still have some texture.

Then you have some new varieties like these! They are called kalettes. This is a cross between a kale and a brussels sprout. If you look at the plants, they kind of look like brussels sprouts. They grow up on a tall stem and they have leaves coming out. But instead of along that stem having little sprouts, you have little heads of kale.They are nice, tender and soft. You can just chop them up and put them in a salad, or you can cook with them, too. So you can have these beautiful ornamental kale in your garden as well as edible kales, and, of course, speaking of edibles, you have to eat them right?

So here's a great little recipe, that's very popular. It's raw kale salad. You take one of these fine leafed kales, chop it up, and then add some olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a little parmesan cheese.The key is to make this salad a day or two before you are going to eat it, and just let it sit. All of the oil and lemon juice will actually soften the kale so it's even easier to eat, and  more tasty.

By Charlie Nardozzi

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