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Day lilies

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There is nothing prettier than a day lily garden! And when you are at a botanic garden or a public garden, they'll have single plant representations like this day lily garden in full bloom.

It is beautiful! The colors! The textures! The bicolors! The doubles! The singles! The tall ones! The short ones! It goes on and on. It's almost too much actually. But there are always favorites!

For example, a lot of these are day lilies heirloom varieties. That means they're a single flower with sometimes one or two colors. One of my favorites is "Don Stevens." It has a nice yellow petal with a red throat down the center.

You'll also see a lot of different variations, as well. Now, not only are these really beautiful, but you also see some short ones and some doubles. "Siloam Ruby Christie" is a beautiful orange day lily that has double flowers so it looks almost frilly inside. That's a really cute one. It's nice for a low area where you want something in front of a lilac or some other kind of shrub.

You can get some really deep-colored ones, too, like "Chicago Apache" with those deep red petals. It will really stand out nicely against some other lighter colored flowers maybe in front of it.

If you want to get a little more exotic, there are spider day lilies. That look kind of spidery. They have long thin petals and they're really beautiful. This one is "Stoplight Red," so it again has that red color to them.

The key with growing day lilies is to realize they are really carefree. Find a full sun location, or even part shade. You can even put them underneath apple trees or crabapple trees or near lilacs. Places where they get a little shade will be OK.

What's also nice about them is that they expand over time, so that in a couple of years, you can dig them, divide them, move them around your landscape, give them away or even sell them!

So day lilies are a great plant to start a garden.

~By Charlie Nardozzi

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