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Dividing perennials

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How exciting to finally see things growing again! Look at all of that green! As soon as the soil is drained out enough you can actually do some gardening chores. And the first thing you can do is divide some perennials. But you have to be careful about which ones you are dividing.

The rule of thumb is, if it's a spring blooming perennial, like irises and peonies, you divide those in the summer and the fall. If it's a summer or a fall blooming perennial, like day lilies, hostas or asters, you divide those now.

And the best thing about dividing now is if you can get to them early, like these day lilies here when they are small, you divide them and replant them, they'll still flower for you this year.

The best way to do it if you have a small clump like this, is dig out the whole clump. If it was a larger clump, you might slice it like a pizza. But by digging out the whole plant you are not going to damage the plant. Once you've got this plant out of the ground, slice it into small little sections. I like to do make 1-foot diameter sections because that way it's more likely to bloom having much more root system. Just take a sharp spade or even a shovel and just dig right in. You just slice right down into it, take out a little sections, lean into it a little bit and there! Here, are some divisions.

You can see with this-sized daylily you can make maybe three or four different sections. Find a similar place in your yard with the right sun and soil conditions, give it a little compost, plant and water it. Voila, more daylilies!

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