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Super Senior: Artie Aiken

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Artie Aiken is going out for a joy ride on his lawnmower. It's also kind of a victory lap because Artie is having a special day.

"One-hundred-and-three and still counting, still going," friend Greg Holton said.

Nothing runs like a Deere or Artie, because Artie is celebrating his 103rd birthday.

Artie Aiken: I was a lot happier last night.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You were?

Artie Aiken: Yeah.

Joe Carroll: Because you went for a ride?

Artie Aiken: No, all the ladies were kissing me!

The good folks of Westminster threw their oldest resident a mini-parade.

"They never saw an old man before," Artie said.

Artie lives on his own. His friend Greg Holton checks on him every day.

Joe Carroll: Do you think he's excited about today?

Greg Holton: Oh, I think he's very excited, very excited.

Artie's hips are failing, but not his mind.

Joe Carroll: Artie, where did you grow up?

Artie Aiken: I've done a lot of growing the last 75-80 years right here.

The Vermonter was born in the woods of Townsend. His earliest memory is when he was 3 with his grandfather.

"One morning, he says to me, 'You got to earn your living.' I said to gramp, 'What are you going to do?' 'You got to come down and start milking,'" Artie recalled. "I've worked all my life, not doing easy work. I picked all the hard jobs."

Jobs, like farming, construction, even working on the railroad.

Artie married Mary; with no kids, they spent much of their time together.

Artie Aiken: She and I used to go hunting together.

Joe Carroll: She would hunt, too?

Artie: Sure!

Alzheimer's disease took her away; they were married for 64 years.

To put Artie's age in perspective, when he was born, women weren't allowed to vote and World War I was still one year away.

"I was old enough to watch the boys go," Artie said.

Young Vermonters off to fight in a distant war in Europe.

Now almost a century later, Artie is holding court with his friends and neighbors.

Artie Aiken: We don't fight!

Joe Carroll: No reason to, right?

Artie Aiken: No, no reason to. We help one another out.


Joe Carroll: You're kind of a big deal in town.

Artie Aiken: That's what they tell me.

He's the talk of the town and he wants to be remembered for one thing.

"As a fellow who could do anything," Aiken said.

Including keeping a tidy yard.

"I feel like I've done something when I'm done mowing my lawn," Artie said.

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