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Avoiding poison ivy

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Poison ivy! I got it on my arms and all over the place. So I'm going to talk about poison ivy and how to identify it and control it without getting it all over you.

First of all, you have to make sure you have poison ivy. You'll see lots of different leaves out there. This one may look like it, but this is actually Virginia Creeper. It's got five leaflets. The saying is "leaves of three, let them be." Look for those three-leaflet leaves. They could have jagged edge or they could be smooth leaves. They could be low on the ground or they could be climbing up into the trees because it's a vine, too.

Once you know you've got poison ivy, decide if you really want to keep it there or not. If it's in a place where you're not walking through, don't worry about it, it will be fine. But if it's on a path like this, you can either dig it out, mow it down, cover it over maybe with some fabric and some wood chips, but you never want to burn it because that will get up in the air and you'll have to wear a mask for that. You'll have to clean the tools afterward, too. If you have a big vine you want to cut that vine to about 1-foot tall and put a little herbicide on the cotton ball right on top of the cut. Then cover the cut with a yogurt container with duct tape wrapped around it. The herbicide will translocate all of the pesticide down into the roots and kill the vine without contaminating the environment around it.

If you are unlucky enough like me, and you get it, then you should wash with hot water and soap, to wash off all of the histamines. Also, use calamine lotion and remember, Benadryl can be your best friend!

For clothes have on gloves, long-sleeve shirt and pants, boots, a mask, hat, and then wash everything when you are done.

Can you get it from your dogs?

Yes, you could get it from your dogs too as they wander around so give them a bath, as well.

~By Charlie Nardozzi

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