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Super Senior: Eddie Toney

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In Waterford, making sweet treats is a family affair. There's Paul, his wife, Gloria, Paul Jr., daughter Alison and the patriarch, Eddie Toney.

Reporter Joe Carroll: You could probably do this in your sleep.

Eddie Toney: I've done a lot of it.

If fact, Eddie and his clan are celebrating 60 years in business.

"My daughter used to stand on a Coke box to wrap," Eddie. "She was fast!"

Eddie was born in nearby Littleton, New Hampshire, but raised in St. Johnsbury. After World War II, he came home to St. Jay to start a doughnut shop.

"The hardest part is when I started, I didn't know anything about it and I had to learn the hard way," he said.

The doughnut shop became a mainstay in town, but a fire and a move to a less desirable location put an end to the retail business; it's now strictly wholesale.

Joe Carroll: Eddie, what do we have here?

Eddie Toney: Maple. Maple glaze.

Joe Carroll: Big seller?

Eddie Toney: Yes, it is.

Eddie's Bakery now makes cookies and other desserts, but the doughnuts are a favorite.

"What do I think of him? I think he's pretty remarkable," son Paul said. "You and I should be so lucky to get to 95, hunh?"

That's right, Eddie is an amazing 95. Paul is 69.

"All my classmates want to know when I'm going to retire," Paul said. "And I said, 'I can't retire-- my father won't!'"

In truth, Eddie making doughnuts today was more of a photo op.

"I only come in here when they need me. Which isn't too often," he said.

But they needed him a month ago. Grandson Paul was out with a bad shoulder and Eddie came out of the reserves.

Joe Carroll: But you were a trooper.

Eddie Toney: I was a trooper, I came in and I made doughnuts.

Eddie isn't in the kitchen as much because he has another job in the company-- helping Paul deliver the desserts, mostly to co-ops up and down the Connecticut River Valley. Everyone knows him down there.

"I get a lot of attention. I get a lot of hugs," Eddie said.

Joe Carroll: So, he's not just company, he's there to help.

Paul Toney: Oh, no, he works with me. He helps.

Eddie Toney: But he forgot to tell you who sleeps on the way home.

Eddie's the wheelman back to Waterford.

"He's a good son," Eddie said.

Eddie is going to show me his town.

Joe Carroll: You like to be on the road.

Eddie Toney: Yeah, I do. I like to be on the road... This is nice out here, isn't it?

Joe Carroll: Very pretty.

Eddie and his wife, Doris, used to go for rides like this. She has since passed away. At 95, Eddie's mind is on the future of the business.

Eddie Toney: I say we, my son runs it. I don't.

Joe Carroll: Yeah, but you help out.

Eddie Toney: Yeah, yeah, I help out because I want to see him do well.

Back in the bakery.

Joe Carroll: How come your face isn't on the package?!

Eddie Toney: (Laughing) That's a good question, right there.

Joe Carroll: Everyone wants to know who Eddie is.

Eddie Toney: Everyone wants to know. Well, now they're going to know.

A sweet story.

And good news: Eddie says two doughnuts a day help keep the doctor away.

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