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Back-to-school sleep

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The Kuenstler family has had a busy, fun-filled summer.

"I really try to keep them on a schedule which is a little later than the school year because they still have to get up for camp," mom Helen said.

With the school year approaching, pediatrician Dr. Elissa Rubin says it's time make sleep a priority.

"Try and get that bedtime moved up a little earlier and to do it gradually over a two-week period so they don't really feel it so much. And if need be, wake them up earlier," Rubin said.

Electronics and screens should be off limits about an hour before bed because they can be stimulating and kids need to wind down.

Rubin says getting enough rest is critical for children. That means 9-12 hours for kids 6-12 and 8-10 hours for teens.

"If not, their school performance is very affected. Not only on their levels of attention but just their level of comprehension and ability to remember things and what they are being taught," Rubin said.

Helen says her children thrive on sleep.

"I think they just learn so much better, they can focus in school, less meltdowns and happier," she said.

And experts say be consistent; letting kids sleep in or stay up late on the weekend makes it harder to get back on track for the school week.

Research shows not getting enough sleep can put children at risk for physical and mental health problems such as obesity and depression.

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