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Vermont's craft beer craze isn't slowing down, and now other business are jumping on the wagon. Gina Bullard introduces us to one business that's Made in Vermont product people are toasting to. 

There's no way around it -- Diane Sullivan and Marie Cronin are a pretty kooky pair. The sisters are hopping into a new business venture together -- Beerings -- beer can earrings. "They're just fun beers for your ears -- what the heck," Sullivan said.

"I think it started out as fun and then we realized people really liked them," Cronin said.

"I mean it's kind of weird," Sullivan added.

Maybe not that weird considering the craft beer craze isn't going flat. Beerings are made with Vermont craft beer cans, at least for the time being. Eventually brews from other states or countries could be on the table. 

It would make sense if Marie and Diane were beer drinkers, but vodka is their drink of choice. But they do love Vermont beer cans, and that means friends and family are hard at work drinking up. "The cans are beautiful -- beautiful artwork," Cronin said.

"I kind of like the ones you don't know. It's a beer can -- they're green with trees and a bird. It just looks like pretty cool," Sullivan said.

Beerings range in price from $10 to $22.

"You might be wearing them and someone says 'Oh, those are cool.' And I say, 'They're made out of beer cans!'" Sullivan said.

Sullivan is the Creative Director at Seven Days, and Cronin decorates cakes for a living. Beerings is just a side gig. It started a hot minute ago according to these two. To say they're having fun with it would be an understatement. Don't be fooled by all the laughter, there's also some serious business brain storming happening.  "What we need to do next is invest in some jumpsuits," Sullivan said.

No, that's not a joke. These two may remind you of the famous duo, Laverne and Shirley.

"We're just going to be the Beering mavens, like Ben and Jerry," Sullivan said.

"Diane and Marie," Cronin said.

"Laverne and Shirley," Sullivan said.

Production goes down smoothly with a clean finish, but there are some bitter crafting moments, like super-glued fingers or pesky beads not cooperating.  

Vermont craft beers for your ears. Just make sure you wear them responsibly. 

You can pick up Beerings at Magic Hat, and on on its Facebook page

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