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Super Senior: Richard Abare

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Richard Abare is going on a road trip.

"Ah, look at that mountain," said Richard.

He's taking along his camera and Reporter Joe Carroll.

Carroll: How's the foliage this year?  

Richard: I think it's pretty good!  

They headed to Elmore, just a short distance from his home in Morrisville.

Richard took pictures for his Facebook page.

He's a high-tech guy with old-time memories. Richard grew up down the road in Waterbury.

Richard: I was there for the 1927 flood. 

Joe: You remember that?  

Richard: Oh yeah!

The water was rising quickly. His father told the 7-year-old not to worry; his mom thought otherwise.

"We waited to the very last minute, then we moved to the high school and the house we lived in, moved across the street," said Richard. 

That was a battle; years later he went off to war.

Carroll: You saw the world all right.

Richard: (shakes his head and smiles)

Company B was a group of Vermonters in the National Guard.  

"Yeah, they were a nice, good bunch," said Richard.

After basic training, Richard landed in the Pacific fighting the Japanese.

Carroll: What did you see when you were in battle?

Richard: Just about anything you wanted to see.

Carroll: Not good things.  

Richard: No.

He transported troops back and forth along with the bodies.

"You feel lucky that you're there and you're still alive, but then you think, you can be next," said Richard.

Carroll: It made you grow up really fast didn't it?

Richard: Yup, it really did. 

Richard had four campaigns and came home to Vermont.

"I was met by a mother and sister and just a 'hi,' just as though I'd been gone overnight and I said, 'hum, it's hell,'" said Richard.

The war ended over 70 years ago, but not the nightmares.

"You feel like you're right there, but then you wake up and you realize you're home," said Richard. 

For the 96-year-old, there is much to ponder. He became a bookkeeper and married Shirley; she died giving birth to their third child. His world turned upside down.

"Sure was and keeping a business going," said Richard.

Richard would meet Shirlene, everyone called her Skip.

"It's what they call love at first sight," said Richard.

They were going to get married, but there was a problem, she was divorced and the Catholic Church demanded an annulment.

"We separated, we didn't want to, but we did," said Richard.

He did remarry. Barbara and Richard were together for 18 years until she died of cancer. That's when Skip came back into Richard's life. 

"She was there, I was there and boom," said Richard. 

They did marry in the Church and that annulment was granted. Once again, he outlasted a wife.

"About 30 years, the best thing we've ever done," said Richard.

Carroll: What did she bring to your life?  

Richard: Happiness and a good life. Made me a better person. 

He's a veteran of war and life.

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