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Super Senior: Vangie Guertin

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At the St. Johnsbury House, the front porch is inviting, but the warmth is inside.

Vangie Guertin keeps the senior housing facility a welcoming place.

Vangie wears many hats, in the late morning, she's the lunch lady.

"There you go, thank you John," said Vangie. You are hungry today? Good, she said.

The 87-year-old is also a resident.

From the cafeteria to a friend's apartment, Vangie rarely stops.

"No, I enjoying working," said Vangie.

"She's into everything, she really and truly is," said Dotty Baker.

Vangie gives rides, organizes events and even locks up the building at night. If there was a mayor of the building, she'd be elected by a landslide.

"Somebody needs something, she's there to help," said Al Dunn, resident.

Gerda Blaszck, resident: She's the greatest person on Earth.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Wow, that's quite a statement.

Blaszck: She is! She helps the devil cross the street, believe me.

Carroll: Why do you give so much of yourself?  

Vangie: That's a good question, I don't know.  

Carroll: Well, hopefully I'll have an answer! 

Vangie: (laughs)

Later on Vangie did have an answer and it went back to her youth.

Carroll: You said your dad wasn't part of the picture growing up.

Vangie: No. No way.

Vangie grew up on a farm in Danville, her stepfather expected her to work hard. 

"I was driving a pair of horses when I was 6 years old in a hay field," said Vangie.

Her sister lived with her grandparents so life was lonely. Vangie says she helps out others because she knows what it's like to have a tough childhood.

"I was 15 when I graduated from the eighth grade...went to work," said Vangie.

There was a minor scandal for the residence. Joe Carrol had to meetVangie at her apartment where the only photographs of her as a young woman exist. She's with her future husband Ronald. They raised a family. Hard work continued for Vangie working in a laundry and cleaning apartments.   Ronald died in 1980 when she was 51, but there would be another loss.

"The worse thing for any person I think, especially a mother is to lose a child," said Vangie.

Michael was the youngest, he died of cancer at just 39. 

"Of course I have my faith, faith is one thing that people should have," said Vangie.

Faith in God, trust in people.

"She is a great person, she really and truly is," said Blaszck.

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