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How to preserve pumpkins

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It's pumpkin season and Charlie Nardozzi is going to show us some tips on how to get those jack-o'-lanterns to last for weeks!

If you are going to be making some jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween, first you should get the right pumpkin. When you go and look at pumpkins you want to look for a strong stem, some nice surface area where you can carve, a smooth area and then you want to look at the bottom to make sure it's not soft. If it's soft, it's going to rot out pretty quickly.

Once you get the pumpkin, you can do a little carving like I did here.

To make it last longer you can actually hydrate the pumpkin and disinfect it. Get a 5 gallon pail and fill it up with water. Put a couple of teaspoons of bleach in it, and then you submerge your pumpkin right in...there it goes! And then just let it float in there about for about 8 hours. After that, pull it back up, and it will be all disinfected at that point and  any fungus will be killed.

A second thing you can do that will help it not shrivel so much is to take some Vaseline, and actually rub it along the cut areas. That will keep it all sealed so it will last longer and it won't get all shriveled and gnarly looking.

So you do all of that you'll have a beautiful Jack o Lantern that will last for weeks into November. 

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