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Super Seniors: Pat and Tony Pippin

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LYME, N.H. -

It's a picture perfect day in Lyme, New Hampshire. The leaves are falling, a sure sign of a changing season.

But what doesn't change here is the Lyme Country Store.

There's been a store at this location for more than 200 years. Its current owners Pat and Tony Pippin are fixtures, too.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So, you're the money man here.  

Tony: Well, I'm here, the bosses are down there.

Pat; He found that early, no discussion there.

Pat prepares the food along with their daughter JJ.

They sell pretty much everything. Their spot is also the pulse of the town.

"If you're going to be part of the community, you got to be part of it," said Tony.

The talk this time of year is the upcoming Tree Festival. Pat is in charge of selling decorated trees that will surround the village green. It's a fundraiser.

Pat: I got a live one right here.

It's also a bit of a good natured shakedown.  Even Police Chief Shaun O'Keefe knows the drill.

O'Keefe: Shhhhhh!  

Tony: Shaun wants to do a tree, Patty!  

O'Keefe: I got to go! 

Pat: Shawn's not going to buy a tree, I'm not new at this game.

Tony's 80 and Pat is 77. They seem to know everyone in town. 

Pat: One of the things my mother said years ago is, just be good to my grandchildren and I didn't think of that until I had my own children and I thought 'woooo' there's something to that.

Her mother would be proud. Along with JJ, there's Liz and son Tony, the early morning sandwich maker.

"Yes my sister and my dad are very much alike, very easygoing. Mom and I are like and my brother is in the middle going please, please please," said Liz.

It's truly a family affair.

"You got to have a reason to get up in the morning right," said Pat.

Reporter Joe Carroll: Tony, she seems to talk a bit more than you.

The couple have been working side by side for 50 years.  

They started in the store business by chance. A friend asked if they wanted to buy a store. Tony was working at an auto parts store and Pat was a nurse. They knew nothing about running a store and their strong personalities clashed. They say the first few years were rocky.  

Carroll: Do you ever feel like a prisoner of this store, you're here every day.  

Pat and Tony: No, no.

Those early days are distant memories and with three grown children now working in the store, they do have time for themselves.

Tony: We'll at some point we have to step back. 

Carroll: But not now.  

Tony: No.  

Pat: Not as long as you can still move forward, you don't want to step back.

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