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The Doughnut Dude

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On a cold November morning, Montpelier is waking up.  A chill isn't the only thing in the air, there's also the smell of something delicious. 

A familiar face is out early making doughnuts.  Move over kale, doughnuts are in town.  Bo Muller-Moore is known as the little guy who went up against fast-food-chain giant Chick-fil-A. Muller-Moore defended his right to use the phrase "Eat More Kale," which Chick-Fil-A argued was too close to their trademarked slogan -- "Eat Mor Chickin." Kale won the battle. 

After 20 years working alone in his studio, he wanted a new hobby, and to get out and see people. He's still silk screening his iconic t-shirts, but he's also taking on a new venture -- mini cider doughnuts. 

Why donuts? "I love donuts," Muller-Moore said. "Kale and donuts -- there's no hypocrisy there. A dude can eat kale and doughnuts. 

Reporter Gina Bullard: That's a little ironic. 

Bo Muller-Moore: It is ironic, yes.

For years Muller-Moore was told he was too chubby to be the eat more kale dude. Now he's The Doughnut Dude four days a week -- a little more fitting for his figure, he says. 

"They're tasty and they're delicious," said Robert Emmons, a customer.

If your nose doesn't already lead you there, you can find him outside of City Hall. The bite sized cider doughnuts are a hit. There's a constant stream of customers coming back for more. Muller-Moore says it's because they're cheap and delicious. Three will cost you a buck. Forty cost $10. 

"I almost feel like a preacher man. I feel like I'm bringing people to God because they go, 'God, oh God,'" Muller-Moore said.

Helping out the Doughnut Dude is Donna, the doughnut machine, and Charlotte, the doughnut dog -- also a fan. 

Reporter Gina Bullard: They're nice and warm. These are way better than kale. 

Bo Muller-Moore: You know what aren't they?  

Reporter Gina Bullard: Yes.

As far as getting sued for his catchy "Eat More Doughnuts" slogan -- he doughnut care.

"I know the guy who makes the "Eat More Kale" shirts -- he's cool," Muller-Moore said.

Made in Vermont happiness served bite-size -- and with a side of a kale if you want. 

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