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HES CrossFit shapes kids

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What Pete Driscoll is teaching at Hartland Middle and Elementary school isn't just a fitness program. It's a lifestyle.  Mr. D's H-E-S Crossfit classes have become a physical fitness phenomenon since they started about six years ago.

"We don't do CrossFit in this room to be better at CrossFit in this room. We do CrossFit in this room to be better at whatever it is outside of this room that we do," Driscoll said.  "For me, there's nothing better than to share my passions with people I deeply care about and the children in this school are people I deeply care about."

In the converted classroom where the CrossFit classes are taking place, you don't have to be the fastest or the most agile. Having good form leads to being well rounded.

"My job is to arm them with as much self confidence and self belief as possible before they graduate here in June to take on the riggers of what High School life demands," Driscoll said.

"Gym class there's not as much freedom," Hartland student, Declan Flynn said. "You're kind of playing the game that the whole class is doing. This, you can design your own workouts and like do whatever weight you feel comfortable with."

"You can just go off and like do it," Hartland student," Jenna Jasmin said.  "It's something that you can always work to improve on. You can always set a higher goal."

The program has leaped forward thanks to the support of school administrators. The equipment in the room has all been donated. The newest editions, two exercise bikes were donated by Colchester's Mat Frasier.  This Summer Fraser won the CrossFit games, earning the title, "World's Fittest Man."

"Everyone was really excited to have me down there," Fraser said.  "This is my home state. They're right down the road from me. So, it was pretty cool for them and myself."

On top of donating the bikes, Frasier met and trained with the students. It's something he  wanted to after watching a video about the HES CrossFit program put together by Pete Driscoll's brother, Jay.

"They're getting a taste of the whole, 'Hard work pays off,' thing. They're out there. They're sweating it out together. They're having a good time," Fraser said.

"We were so grateful for his (Fraser) time and his support and I think that gives credibility for what we have going on down here," Driscoll said.

A unique program created by one man continuing to take shape.  Getting a small Vermont Community in shape.

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