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Super Senior: Dorian McGowan

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For this week's Super Senior-- art is life. Dorian McGowan's work is as unusual as he is.  

Dorian loves his land for its natural beauty. But there's something that makes it stand out. It's eclectic art outside and in.

"There's art everywhere; it's just crazy," said Dorian. 

The longtime Lyndon State College art professor is now retired, but his passion for art hasn't stopped.

"I have run out of room but I just keep plying it up," said Dorian. 

Reporter Joe Carroll: What does art mean to you?  

Dorian: Life. I think it's the shortest answer I can give you, but it's everything. 

Dorian grew up in Franklin County and taught in the Catholic schools. 

"And when I asked the nuns where I could go to art school, they said, 'Art school? You can't do that. You'll just see a lot of naked bodies.' and I said, 'I know,'" said Dorian.

The country boy went to art school in New York City. A blank canvas to start a new life, but it was back in the country where he met his future wife.

"We practically got married as children, let's put it that way. I look like a little kid as an elf," said Dorian. 

The couple worked at Santa's Workshop in North Pole, New York. Kari was from Norway, selling products from her country. They moved to the Northeast Kingdom in the late '50s to teach and raise their four children.

"My children are all artists; it just multiplies and multiplies," said Dorian. 

Down in the village of East Burke, there's a new coffee shop.

"And the guy up there is wonderful," said Dorian. 

Dorian is a regular; he's here not for a caffeine fix, but his daily dose of drawing.

"Lots and lots of lovely people up there," said Dorian. 

He draws them for free, just asking for 15 minutes of their time.

"And this lovely girl is back there right now," said Dorian. 

"It's cool because you can see people's perspective of you," said Darien Smith from Cafe Lotti. 

"I haven't found a single face that I have not-- like yours is wonderful. I hope you will be willing to have a portrait done," said Dorian.

Reporter Joe Carroll was about to learn a lot about himself

Carroll: Alright, so what's going to happen here?  

Dorian: You're going to shut your mouth for once. Oh, I like those ears, so close to the head.

Carroll: Have you ever had anyone turn you down?  

Dorian: Oh yeah, absolutely. Oh, those blue eyes are good; one is bigger than the other.

Carroll: So my nose is off center?  

Dorian:  Oh, it's wonderful, I love it. 

Dorian has been drawing people in the community for years. The library is where the copies end up for everyone to enjoy.

"I'm delivering somebody here and I can't remember who," said Dorian. "These are local people." 

The 83-year-old keeps busy even after the love of his life died three years ago.

"Everybody thinks I'm crazy writing letters to my wife, but it works for me," said Dorian. 

Dorian says it's a way of keeping her close. Of course, he remembers her with a painting.

"And that's that lovely woman over there," said Dorian.

Back in the coffee shop, it's my unveiling.

"Wow! Interesting," said Carroll. 

A perfectly imperfect face.

"You didn't expect to come in for analysis this morning, did you," said Dorian. 

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