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In The Kitchen on The Weekend: Cooking a turkey in 1 hour

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-10 pound turkey takes 45 minutes to an hour
-15 pound turkey takes 1 hour to an hour an a half
(times may vary depending on oven)

-1 Turkey
-olive oil
-1 Pomegranate
-1 Garlic Glove
-8-10 pearl onions
-apple Cider


Take a turkey and lay it on a carving board, breast side down.  Take a butchers knife and slowly carve the spine out of the turkey, cutting through the bones.  This will be hard to do.  Use the blade to feel around for the thinner bones.

Remove the spine and put it in a ziploc bag along with the giblets and neck.  This can be used for making a turkey soup.

Flip the turkey over, breast side up, and push down on the breast until the bone breaks.  The goal is to get the turkey as flat as possible.

Next, pour olive oil on the breast and rub it all over the turkey.  This helps brown the skin.

Next sprinkle paprika, salt, and pepper all over the turkey.  Be generous.

Then place garlic and pearl onions under the wings and legs and underneath the turkey.

Place thyme and tarragon under the legs.  

Pour about a cup of apple cider into pan and then lay the turkey in the cider, breast side up.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.  

Put Turkey in the oven until legs are 165 degrees.


*Every oven is different so times may vary slightly.  As long as the thermometer reaches 165 degrees in the thickest part then the turkey is safe to eat.  

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