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Rallycross is the second most watched motorsport in the U.S. behind NASCAR.  And as Gina Bullard tells us, some of the cars are Made in Vermont. 

It's fast, dangerous, and exhilarating. Forget Vermont's back roads, Subaru rallycross and rally cars are taking over tracks around the world. They're crazy sports and what's even crazier is that these cars are built in Colchester. 

Welcome to Vermont SportsCar, the biggest motorsports program for Subaru in the world.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Vermonters love their Subarus, but these are a little different.

Lance Smith: Yeah, these are different. They're highly modified for speed, safety, and competition.

Lance Smith started the business 28 years ago. A passion for cars and driving on Vermont's back roads led him to restoring cars. That eventually changed. "As a young guy I wanted to see how fast they could go. I wanted state-of-the-art stuff, so I took the company over time to rallying," he said.

Now the company of 50 employees takes normal Subarus that we drive on the road, and adapts them for rally or rallycross. Here's the difference. "Rally is racing on forest roads, gravel roads -- in all weather conditions -- day, night. Rallycross is in a stadium -- bumper to bumper -- and there's jumps," Smith explained.

The cars take thousands of hours to design and build. Vermont SportsCar makes five new ones each year. They don't come cheap. To manufacture one costs around $500,000 and can costs millions to run competitively all year.   Vermont SportsCar is moving to a new location in Milton this spring which is double the size -- 60-thousand-square-feet. 

Alright gear heads -- here are the specs. All wheel drive with 600-horse-power -- that's about three-times more than your car. They can do 0 to 60 in two seconds flat. They also weigh about 1,000-pounds less than your average car. "The key thing for us is light weight. The lighter you go the faster the car can go," Smith said.

Reporter Gina Bullard: Why is Vermont a good place to make these type of cars?

Lance Smith: Umm, I'm not sure... The truth is it's the passion of the people.

And the most important question -- can I drive one?

This car is getting delivered to action sports superstar Travis Pastrana. He'll be racing it this weekend in Ontario. Maybe I should take it for a test drive. But first, how to get in?

Made in Vermont cars making tracks around the globe. 

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