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Super Senior: Jane Sprenger

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Winter has arrived in Greensboro. But just up from the village, Jane Sprenger is cozy.

"When winter comes. I like that intimacy where everything is sort of close inside where it's warm," she said.

Jane's spending time with two friends, Laurie Randall and Sue Holmes.

"Oh, I have lots of stories," Jane said.

We're all about to have a good time with a woman who will be 100 in January.

Reporter Joe Carroll: So what do you think of the golden years?

Jane Sprenger: Golden years! That's far from that, but it's all part of the price of being alive.

Joe Carroll: Are you afraid of dying?

Jane Sprenger: No... but I'm not going to rush it!

Jane's life is full of memories. She had a privileged life in Manhattan. In Hawaii with her family there was an emergency back home. Jane's grandmother was critically ill and they needed to get back quickly. The debate was a boat or a plane. A famous flier was listening.

"And she said, 'Excuse me, but I couldn't help but hear your conversation and I want you to know that flying is really very safe,'" Jane recounted.

Her name was Amelia Earhart and they took her advice. That same year, Earhart was flying in the Pacific and never was heard from again.

"We fly home on her say so and she never came back!" Jane said. "And, incidentally, my grandmother lived another 20 years!"

The brushes with fame continued.

Jane was a singer practicing in an apartment building on 5th Avenue when she entered the elevator. A woman inside asked Jane if she was a new tenant in the building.

"'You mind if we ride up and down? I'd like to ask you some questions. I'm Eleanor Roosevelt.' So I told who I was and we chatted up and down," Jane said. "But she was as homely as sin, but that all faded because she was electric."

Jane became a social worker and school teacher. The longtime liberal even dabbled in politics.

"I can't stand it when people are so bigoted and narrow about things," she said. "It makes me very angry and I know that doesn't solve any problems."

Joe Carroll: He was how many years younger?

Jane Sprenger: Seventeen.

Wally was her husband who traveled the world on a sailboat. Jane would meet him in various ports. They were together for 30 years until he died.

Greensboro was a summer home on Caspian Lake; now she's here full time.

"I could spend my whole afternoon riding through the countryside looking at the horses," she said. "And I'm also glad I have so many good friends and I really enjoy being alive."

A Super Senior who's thankful for all she has.

"But I've had a lot of fun in life," she smiled.

Jane says the secret to her longevity is being independent.

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